you can

bank on us.

Coordinated Checking and Savings accounts that are life and love ready.


A card with art and heart.

Tap and go with your debit card on contactless enabled terminals

We believe in love.
We believe in empathy.
We believe in kindness.
We believe in beauty.


All our debit cards are made with recycled ocean plastic.
We care about the world and what’s in our hands.

BELLA Surprise!
spontaneous acts of love.

We randomly reward your spending to add a little intrigue. You could receive 5-200% cashback when you use your BELLA debit card for purchases. Does your bank do that?


It’s unusual, we know. We allocate most of our marketing money to our members because we’d rather reward the people who believe in us over paying others to advertise to you.


100% love, 0% fluff


Checking account
make it more “you”


  • Personalize your Checking Account with photos and #hashtags.
  • No hidden fees and free, instant payments to other members.
  • FDIC coverage up to $5 million for each member on all Checking and Savings Account deposits.*

*Bella accounts are provided and issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Further, balances held in a Bella accounts benefit from up to $5,000,000 of FDIC insurance per customer.  This is possible because Bella and nbkc arranged for your deposits to be spread across a network of FDIC insured banks, where no more than $250,000 of your funds in your Bella account will be deposited at any single institution in the bank network. Balances in your accounts may be moved by nbkc to one or more network banks to increase the amount of FDIC insurance available to you. Once the funds arrive at the network banks, they are eligible for FDIC insurance per customer of up to $5,000,000 in aggregate. Please be aware that your amount of FDIC insurance may be lower if the combination of any balances you maintain at a network bank, plus any deposits from your Bella account(s) held in the same network bank, exceed $250,000. Learn more at:

Savings account

Savings accounts are a good way to create good habits. We want our members to build generational wealth, and that starts with organizing your money to earn interest (ours is at least 4x the national average!) while unconsciously saving to achieve your financial goals.